Crit System for the RP
So I've been thinking of a way to get crits into the RP, and I think I know how.

My idea is that instead of flipping one coin, we should flip 2, 3, or 4 coins (depending on how rare you guys want crits to be).  As long as the first coin in the flips is a head, you make a hit, but if all of the coins are heads, you get critted.  If this happens, you roll the d100 dice for damage and multiply the number by 3 (as TF2 increases damage to 300% in a critical hit), and as an example for the damage post:

(Heads [CRIT -235 (15)])

OOC: Another RP
Me and the Blu Scout have been in another RP community we started for a good 2 years, but lately it's been killing over.  I'm not sure what all you guys RP, but if you don't mind a lion RP, you can join us.  We're hoping to give it some new life before it does kill over.  It's not completely realistic either, there are a ton of unrealistic things, such as a species I created called the Shaderians, a warrior-feline species.

If you do decide to join, on the site I'm Sabre and Blu Scout is Asani, just so you know who we are XD

OOC Post: Idea
So I just had an idea for our RP, I was thinking maybe if we find an empty 2Fort map or if someone was able to host a server we could all connect to, we could do some of the RP in the actual game.

BLU Soldier's Call Line
"You have reached BLU team's commanding officer the Soldier!  If you don't have anything useful to say then GET A JOB HIPPIE!"

OOC: Just post something here to interact with the Soldier XD


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